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Why Women Business Owners Should Consider Divorce-Proofing

posted by Bedrock Divorce Advisors 9:31 AM
Thursday, January 6, 2011

Picture this scenario…

Mary and John have been married for many years.  Mary stayed home and raised three children and helped John build his career.  Mary went back to school without any financial help from John and then became a lawyer and built a successful law practice.  John fell hard for his secretary and filed for divorce.  John sued for half of the value of her law practice – and got it.

Oddly enough, the system of equitable distribution came about largely to protect women.  Several years ago many states adopted this model to protect the dependent homemaker who raised children and helped her husband build his career only to find herself with little or nothing when the marriage ended.  The idea was to make sure that the woman had an equitable share of the family’s assets even though her contribution was not financial.

The very rules meant to protect women are now working against them. This is why all women business owners should consider divorce-proofing their business or professional practice, even if they don’t anticipate a divorce.

Here at Bedrock Divorce Advisors, we have developed an easy two-step process. First, one of our Divorce Financial Strategists™ (a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst [CDFA™] with advanced training in asset protection and divorce financial planning strategies) will analyze potential risks you and your business might face in the event of a future divorce. Second, the Divorce Financial Strategist™ will recommend immediate steps you should take to guard against those risks.  This two-step process will put you in the strongest possible financial position to deal with and recover from any possible future divorce.

 While some may wonder why they need divorce-proofing if they are still single or happily married, we know from experience that divorce-proofing should be part of every woman business owner’s normal financial planning and risk management, regardless of her current marital status.

To find out how divorce-proofing can help you and your company, please call (917) 602-6977 or email us at to schedule a free, no-obligation 20 minute phone consultation.

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